Gala Posters

We are having a competition to see who can design the best gala poster for the Muir of Ord gala.  P3 to P7 from Mulbuie and Tarradale Primaries are entering the competition.  Whoever wins will have their poster put up all around the village  to advertise the gala. Emily & Rachel P4

The Human Skeleton

In our topic we are learning about the human skeleton.  The skull is what holds the head and neck together.  The skull covers your brain.  The skull is the hardest part in the body.  The legs carry you around all day.  One bone in your leg is called the tibia.  Also your knee cap is called the patella.  The other side of your leg is called the fibula.  The ankle is called the malleoli.  The ankle joins the foot and the leg together. This is Seddrick our class skeleton Chantelle & Jemma P4

Dingwall Orchestra

On Friday 24th April the Dingwall Academy orchestra came to Tarradale Primary to play for us.  There were flutes, trumpets, cellos, violins and lots more other instruments!  They played a ton of lovely tunes which included Star Wars, Pocahontas, Happy by Pharrell Williams and the theme to Game of Thrones as well as many other tunes.  Our thoughts were amazing when they had finished.  Holly & Poppy Blog Group 

Our Pollytunnel

IMG_6371 IMG_6372 IMG_6373Inside the polytunnel is a gardening throne and lots of plants and tubs.  .  The Muir of Ord gardeners use the polytunnel and today they will be coming to plant lots of seedlings.  We also got a new tap to get water when we are outside and a big pile of soil with lots of equipment like shovels and rakes.  Each class is getting a bed to plant different seeds.  Caitlyn & Joanna P4